The Vet Tech Cafe’s Podcast

BONUS EPISODE: COVID-19 Collaboration Episode

March 25, 2020

This episode of the Vet Tech Café is a bit different.  This episode is the collaborative effort of 5 different veterinary podcasts: The Vet Tech Café, Veterinary Anesthesia Nerds, Radio Vet Nurse, Two Vets Talk Pets, and this was all coordinated and edited by the Internal Medicine for Vet Techs Podcast.  In this episode, the 8 individuals that make up these 5 podcasts discuss what exactly what COVID-19 is, how it works, and our own individual experiences with dealing with this virus, in terms of how our hospitals are operating. We also discuss how to find reliable information and some strategies to combat the mental health related side effects of being on the front lines.  It is our hope that nobody listening to this podcast is or becomes directly affected by this virus, but we hope to provide useful information and a bit of a respite from this difficult time.


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