The Vet Tech Cafe’s Podcast


October 11, 2020

Hello Caffeinators!!  We got together recently with all of our podcasting friends to bring you another super-episode!  We chatted with Lewis Kerkham and Rob Anderson from the Two Vets Talk Pets podcast, Cat Robinson from Radio Vet Nurse, Tasha McNerny from the Veterinary Anesthesia Nerds podcast, and lastly, our hosts, Jordan Porter and Yvonne Brandenburg from the Internal Medicine for Vet Techs podcast.  We talked a lot about Vet Tech Week here in the US, and what Vet Nurses day (10/9) looks like down in Australia, and different ideas people have to celebrate.  It's also really cool to hear the guys DVM perspective from the Two Vets Talk Pets podcast about how they view technicians.  We also, circle back through COVID-19 as that was what originally brought us together 6 months ago.  We definitely recommend you check out their podcasts as well-they're all fantastic!

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