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Vet Tech Cafe - Andrea Steele Episode

February 7, 2021

Hello Caffeinators!!  One of our goals for 2021 was to start having discussions about the veterinary technician profession on a more global scale.  We aim to see what similarities or differences exist between those of us in the US and our colleagues in other countries, and to see how we can exchange ideas and work together to keep moving forward.  So for the cup of coffee for this episode, we're headed north of the border of the US to Canada and pouring up some Tim Horton's!  Andrea Steele, MSc, RVT, VTS(ECC) joined us recently to talk about RVT life in Canada.  We explored how licensure across the provinces compares to that across states in the US, public perception, and something many of us are very jealous of here in the US-RVT MONTH!!  This is the first of these conversations for us and we hope you find it as fascinating and beneficial as we do.  In which country would you like us to bring the Vet Tech Cafe to next?



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