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Vet Tech Cafe - April Bays Episode

July 11, 2021

Hello Caffeinators! One of the more emerging areas of our field is cannabis and how these compounds exert effects on the body, and the numerous maladies cannabis-containing compounds may help. There is of course a lot of ground to cover and a long way to go, but the early returns appear promising. Previously, our third episode with Stephen Cital gave us a lot of background info on veterinary cannabis, and we invite you to listen to that episode if you haven't already, or want to brush up on the subject. For this episode, we took a little different direction with our close friend April Bays, CVT, VTS(ECC), as she recently became certified as a Veterinary Cannabis Counselor. We talk at length about that process and certification and how that certification can be utilized in practice. She has also recently started Elevative Veterinary Training Solutions, and we talk about that as well! It's Sunday, it's hot, so let us get you an iced coffee and join us for the discussion!


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