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Vet Tech Cafe - Arantxa Lasa Episode

February 21, 2021

Happy Sunday Caffeinators!!  Wishing you a warm and thawed Sunday night.  For our next episode of the Vet Tech Cafe we interviewed Arantxa Lasa, an RVT at Oklahoma State University.  She previously spent time in the food production department, but has now found a home in the anesthesia department.  She discusses what it has looked like to navigate the pandemic at the academic level and she hopes 2021 will look like.  She talks about her work both in the US and abroad with different spay/neuter clinics.  Arantxa has a very fresh perspective on being a veterinary technician, and we also discuss how she balances her workload to avoid many of the pitfalls of being a veterinary technician as she is right at that time in her career where many veterinary technicians move on to another field.  Make no mistake, she's not going anywhere any time soon.


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