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Vet Tech Cafe - Beth Armstrong Episode

May 17, 2020

In this installment of the Vet Tech Cafe, we interview Beth Armstrong, CVT, RVT, CFE, CCFP, CTP, who is now a Practice Consultant for AAHA.  Our paths first crossed with Beth in 2013 when we were all in the same study group for the AVECCTN exam (best study group of all time, IMO).  It was great to catch up and hear what she's been doing, as her career has taken a very different path from ours since that time.  As May is #mentalhealthawarenessmonth we continue our discussions with those that are helping to decrease the stigma that surrounds the issue.  We'd also like to wish Beth a happy birthday, as this episode is being released on her birthday-so make sure to say Happy Birthday in the comments and show her some support by downloading her episode!  Lastly, we want to thank AAHA for their generous support of this episode-when they heard Beth was going to be coming by the Vet Tech Cafe for a cup of coffee, they stepped up to sponsor this episode so you'll hear a roughly 20-second ad near the middle.  We'll be talking about AAHA's culture initiative as well, which aims to promote a healthy workplace culture in their hospitals.



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