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Vet Tech Cafe - Brandy Helewa Episode

October 4, 2020

This is a big one for us.  This episode culminates our first year of the Vet Tech Cafe Podcast.  We bookended our first year with two guests who are very important people in both our personal and professional lives.  Our first guest was Liz Hughston, and we're ending Year 1 with Brandy Helewa.  As a team, they hosted a study group in preparation for the VTS(ECC) in 2013 where the four of us met.  They helped both of us, and dozens more that year and in subsequent years, prepare for that exam.  To say that all of us have a little bit of Biz in us is an understatement.  Brandy has moved on to another passion of hers-books and literature, and in this episode we talk about what it looked like for her to walk away from veterinary medicine.  It's a decision many of us have grappled with, and we thought some might benefit from hearing her perspective.  She discusses the differences in lifestyle, happiness, and an unexpected burden of leaving veterinary medicine behind-guilt.  This is our first October episode, and you'll understand why that matters to us and to Brandy when you listen!  You do not want to miss this one!  Thank you to all of our guests and listeners for making our first year of the Vet Tech Cafe Podcast what it has become.  We absolutely love putting this together and we're so excited to see what our second year brings!,University%20of%20Nebraska%20(NU)%20system



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