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Vet Tech Cafe - Brittany Laflen Episode

March 21, 2021

Hello Caffeinators!  Throughout the life of this podcast, we've stepped out of our comfort zone in several episodes to talk about things we encounter in our field everyday. Things that matter. Things that we all know exist but don't talk about.  And we're doing it again.  Brittany Laflen, RVT, VTS (IM-Neurology) and AIMVT President-Elect came by to chat with us and we could've talked for hour about so many facets to this issue.  If you're in this field long enough, you will work with somebody who is expecting a baby, or be wearing those shoes yourself.  Before you listen to this episode, ask yourself two questions: What is your reaction when you find out a co-worker is pregnant?  Why is that your reaction?  I think many of us would answer both of those questions in similar ways, and that's unlikely to be for a good reason.  So let us pour you a cup of hot tea, coffee, or cocoa, and instead of talking, let's listen to what Brittany has to say on this one.  We think we can all learn a few things from this one about how to support our colleagues.



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