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Vet Tech Cafe - Charlotte Waack Episode

November 29, 2020

Happy Sunday, Caffeinators!  Charlotte Waack came by the Vet Tech Cafe this past week to talk about VSPN, the legislative process and why it's important for veterinary technicians to be involved, and the veterinary nurse initiative.  There are very few people who have done as much for the veterinary technician profession as Charlotte has.  Earlier in 2020, a petition was widely circulated in an effort to try to get NAVTA to enter into more discussion, specifically about the title change because most of the other facets of the initiative are largely supported.  Then COVID hit, and more important matters took precedent.  We believe with 2021 on the horizon, the VNI will come back to the forefront, and we want the Vet Tech Cafe to be a place where these discussions can be had by all sides to help keep our listeners informed.  There will be episodes discussing the VNI sprinkled in, and we thought discussing it with Charlotte would be a great place to re-start the conversation!




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