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Vet Tech Cafe - Deborah Calantropio-Covington Episode

January 10, 2021

Welcome to 2021, Caffeinators!  We've got some big ideas for this year, but we plan to keep our format the same and keep having important, thought-provoking discussions.  As such, we're starting off strong with Deborah Calantropio-Covington, BA, RVT, LAT, LATG, VTS-LAM.  Lab animal medicine is often a difficult or sensitive topic to many in our field.  We often learn in school that lab animal medicine exists, but it's often glossed over and not given its fair due.  What we hope to bring to light is that not only is this a viable career path, but that we're all veterinary technicians with a common goal-to give the best care possible to the patients under our care.  The patients might look a little different, but the people are very similar.  We invite you to come inside the Vet Tech Cafe, order a gingerbread spiced tea, and join us for this conversation and learn about the field of laboratory animal medicine with an open mind.  We think you'll enjoy it!


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