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Vet Tech Cafe - Emily Roberts Episode

June 14, 2020

As you well know, a big part of the Vet Tech Cafe is to highlight veterinary technicians who are forging careers in areas of veterinary medicine outside of a typical clinical setting and our next two shows accentuate that.  In this episode of the Vet Tech Cafe, Emily Roberts, LVT, stops by for a cup of coffee and to talk about starting her own business, Horizon Traveling Vet Tech.  She does a lot of in-home care, becoming an extension of a primary care veterinarian and providing different levels of in-home care, from basic preventive care, to end of life or hospice care.  She explains how she's getting her business going through networking and what she would like Horizon to become.  Emily also appeared in episodes of the hit TV show on Animal Planet called "A Vet Life", and she shares her experience of working in the hospital while a TV show was being filmed.  So get yourself a cup of coffee and come join us!


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