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Vet Tech Cafe - Erin Spencer Episode

June 13, 2021

As the calendar turned from May to June, the initiatives and message turned from Mental Health Awareness Month to Pride Month.  Both of these are vitally important to many of our friends and colleagues, and for some, probably both equally so.  As such, we wanted to have a discussion about Pride Month as it relates to our professions.  We sat down for a cup of tea with Erin Spencer, M. Ed, CVT, VTS(ECC), and Treasurer of PrideVMC.  If you're not familiar with PrideVMC, click the link below and check it out.  Erin explains why it is a VMC and how that is different than a VMA, what membership looks like, events and collaborations they are working on (SPOILER ALERT we'll be talking about this in our next episode too!), and also allyship.  We discuss all the rainbows you're seeing this month and get her thoughts on those as well.  We really learned a lot in this one about how to better support our colleagues and we know you will too.  




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