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Vet Tech Cafe - Karen Roach Episode

October 3, 2021

When we set out on this adventure that is the Vet Tech Cafe podcast, we had a list of colleagues that we knew we could have insightful conversation about the current and future states of the veterinary technician profession with. We've also had many people reach out to us about their unique facets and outlooks of the profession. This episode is the intersection of both of those, and we are thrilled to finally connect with Karen Roach, RVT, VTS(ECC) at that juncture. Karen has been one of our biggest supporters since we started but also is on the frontline of clinical medicine, and heavily involved in the training and mentorship of the next wave of veterinary technicians. In this episode, we look through the microscope of training veterinary assistants and technicians amid perhaps the greatest staffing crisis our profession has faced. We look at the integral role of ownership and management in that path and examine one way out of our current situation. So come join us for our next episode at the Vet Tech Cafe, where we promise you coffee, or tea, will be made just as you order it!

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