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Vet Tech Cafe - Kim Spelts Episode

May 31, 2020

This episode is our final installment of our series for #mentalhealthawarenessmonth and we take a dive into living with depression with Kim Spelts, BS, CVT, VTS(Anesthesia/Analgesia).  She walks us through her battle and talks about the personal and professional effects depression has had on her. We talk about how she began to recognize it, face it, and overcome it.  From music to meditation and apps to therapy, she talks about many of the different things that have helped along the way.  She gave us some really great analogies of mental health in comparison to other conditions people live with, to hopefully #beatthestigma Another idea Kim wanted to pass along that we didn't talk about is journaling.  She says it helps her build her self-awareness, foster her creativity, and give her some clarity.  If you find yourself battling depression, compassion fatigue, or burnout, #makethecall You are worth it.  


Ani DeFranco - "Allergic to Water"

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