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Vet Tech Cafe - Kristen Hagler Episode

December 13, 2020

Do you wanna talk some rehab, I say yesss, yesss, yesssss.  Sorry for the terrible play on the Amy Winehouse song-I promise that's the last time we'll do that.  But if you're into Physical Rehabilitation, buckle your bootstraps and put on your headphones because this episode is coming for you.  Kristen Hagler, BS, RVT, VTS(PR), CCRP, CBW, OACM, VCC came by the Vet Tech Cafe a couple different times over the last couple weeks to talk about physical rehabilitation in our veterinary patients, and that alphabet behind her name means she's quite an expert in that discipline.  We'll talk about all of those certifications and what they are, the discussion of human PT's performing animal rehab, the relationship between Kristen and her patients, and so much more!  So get yourself your favorite cup of coffee and join us at the Vet Tech Cafe!


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