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Vet Tech Cafe - Rebecca Rose Episode

January 24, 2021

When you think back to your time as a veterinary technician student, how much career guidance or career counseling did you get?  If you're like us, it was very little to none.  That's a huge part of our mission here at the Vet Tech Cafe-shining light on every aspect of the profession so you can see what all is out there.  Somehow, it's taken us a year to come up with the idea to actually interview somebody who does exactly this-but we were finally hit over the head with the idea and we're so happy to bring you our first (hopefully more!) episode with Rebecca Rose, CVT.  Rebecca is a Certified Career Coach and has published a book called Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians, and is currently working on a second edition (we wonder if veterinary podcast host will be in there?)!  She is also the founder of CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches-check them out on social media for some great content and inspiration!  We hope you enjoy this one!



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