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Vet Tech Cafe - Sarah Stowman Episode

May 30, 2021

Hello Caffeinators!  As we approach the end of May and #mentalhealthawarenessmonth, it's easy to turn the page and move on to the next thing.  But mental health is something that needs constant attention.  So while the calendar may turn to June, please keep your mental health calendar stuck squarely in the month of May.  To that end, we are bringing you one final episode in this series.  When you hear the phrase "workplace violence", what do you think of? Perhaps a confrontation or physical altercation with a client?  Perhaps physical violence between staff members?  There is sooooo much more to it than that, and thankfully we had Sarah Stowman, CVT, CCFP, CTP, come by the Vet Tech Cafe to break all this down for us and she COMPLETELY blew our minds.  This conversation was thought provoking on so many levels, and we really think you'll feel the same way.  We promise you will have a new perspective on workplace violence and workplace trauma.  So let us pour you a cup of our cafe du jour and listen to what Sarah has to say-we think you'll find it to be a very helpful hour of conversation.



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