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Vet Tech Cafe - Tiffany Baleigh Episode

April 5, 2020

In this episode, we chat with Tiffany Baleigh, RN AND RVT!!!  She is now a CN IV, charge nurse for the Cardiovascular and Thoracic unit at UCI Medical Center in Southern California, where she lives with her wife, Jess, and son Rowan, and two dogs.  She still works as a relief technician at Animal Urgent Care and maintains her RVT license, after 10+ years out of the field in a full time capacity.  She brings a unique perspective to VNI (let's just say she suggested we change our podcast title to Vet Nurse Cafe!) and offers a lot of insight into the similarities and differences between the two fields.  We talk about education and career options in each field, and struggles that BOTH professions face.  We also talk a lot about COVID-19 and what that looks like at her hospital, and the real-life struggle with PPE.  As always, we'll end with the @vettechcafe #wouldyourather so please keep sending in your ideas for that-we'd love to give you a shout out if we use your suggestion in a future episode! (for PPE donations) (for blood and plasma [if fully recovered] donations) 

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