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Vet Tech Cafe - VetFolio Crossover

November 15, 2020

Happy Sunday Caffeinators!!  We have a bit of a different episode for you this time around!  We teamed up with our friends at VetFolio and recorded an episode with Dr. Cassi Fleming, less of an us-interviewing-her style, and more of a roundtable discussion style.  She was a veterinary assistant before becoming a veterinarian, so she's pretty in tune to many of the issues that plague our profession, and also has a unique insight as to how those issues affect her career as a veterinarian, and also how some of those issues crossover into her profession as well.  So while the format is a bit different, the discussion is not-important ideas being exchanged in an open forum amongst those with a vested interest.  We really think you'll enjoy this one.

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